Meet our director

Natalie Mitchell

GAICD MIPA MComm (Pub. Acc.)

An experienced board director, business consultant and advisor, working with SME’s in Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore to develop strategy, mitigate risks, strengthen sustainability and improve profitability. A thorough understanding of what it takes to drive business, how to implement plans to overcome obstacles and the importance of good management.

Working across the Mid North Coast, New England and Northern NSW to support businesses through the excitement of business growth and also assisting those businesses that find themselves, often through no fault of their own, in financial distress.

Qualified and experienced in business turnaround, ensuring that directors/owners are left with a business that is sustainable, efficient, cash flow positive and profitable.


Plan ahead and take control of your business

Be prepared to react and respond


Unforeseen events or critical issues require immediate reactions such as – funding / access to backed up data / alternate working arrangements / alternate supply chains / insolvency & viability assessment. The longer it takes to react, the more damage the event may cause to your business, and possibly your personal asset position.


After your initial Reaction to unforeseen events / critical issues you need to develop a response that may include, amongst other things – short term strategy – target select customers / drop specific products or services / reduce staffing. If you already have a clear business direction and risk mitigation strategy it is much easier to respond to a crisis.

• Critical issue response
• Unforeseen events
• Unplanned situations
• Immediate and short-term viability


Ensure your business is stable and sustainable


Your business is performing, you have an idea of where you are headed and feel somewhat in control….for now. Take advantage of the breathing room to assess your position and tidy up your internal business processes


How are you going to ensure that your business is still profitable in 6mths, 12mths, 24mths? What is your long term strategy? Identify areas where there may be opportunities and work with a professional to outline your vision for your business. Strategic/Operational Planning, Risk Mitigation and P&L/Cash Flow Budgeting/Forecasting is essential for business success

• Planning leads to stability & growth
• Document your strategic direction
• Identify opportunities


Gear up for growth


An opportunity may present itself at any time – you may buy out a supplier/customer/competitor OR enter a new market OR diversify your product/service offering.
Are you ready to take advantage of the opportunities for Growth before someone else does?

• Be ready to take advantage of opportunities
• Manage your business growth & risks


• Outline a funding plan to assist with decisions
• Understand when to turn down opportunities that don’t fit with your plan

We help businesses achieve their goals

Planning for Stability &

Planning allows you to be proactive, take control and drive your business growth, instead of spending your time simply reacting to day to day activities.

Business Turnaround &

Understanding how to react to adverse situations, the options available and when to act, are all critical to the success of any turnaround.
The biggest mistake that is made by a business in distress is failure to seek help in the hope the problem resolves itself.
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