Business Growth & Optimisation

Proactively driving your business forward, by planning for success, puts you in control of growth and gives you the confidence to make informed strategic decisions.

Planning comes in many forms:

  • Cash flow forecasting
  • P&L forecasting / review
  • Strategic / Operational planning
  • Project specific due diligence
  • Risk identification and mitigation
  • Capital expenditure plans

From experience, clients that undertake a planning process, report a new sense of excitement for their business that translates to new opportunities and ideas.

Business Assessment

Are you doing well and looking to grow?

Have you successfully managed your business through the current economic crisis and are looking to take advantage of your business position

Have you identified opportunities?

Are there opportunities for your business that you could be acting on but need to manage the risks

Is it time to document your direction?

Do you have your business plan in your head but would benefit from outlining it in a structured format

Will improved efficiencies improve profits?

Have your processes been developed out of necessity and in need of streamlining

Do you need to control your growth?

Opportunities to expand are exciting but must be done in a planned and controlled manner to maximise returns and minimise risk

When do you seek help and what help is available?

Are you aware of how external assistance may add value to your business and how to find a qualified, experienced and insured professional

Why Plan & Forecast?

  • Strategic planning clarifies and reinforces direction
  • P&L forecasting provides monthly targets
  • Cash flow forecasting identifies upcoming shortfalls
  • Professional documentation opens funding doors
  • Risk assessments lead to mitigation & stability
  • Planning allows for informed decision making
  • Opportunities often require immediate action
  • Director and management confidence improves culture
  • High quality staff want to work for stable companies
  • Improved brand will bring opportunity to you

Make Informed Decisions

Undertaking a structured planning project leads to the development of:

  • Strategic direction
  • Capital expenditure budgets
  • Resourcing requirements schedules
  • Cash flow management
  • Profitability forecasting
  • Stakeholder confidence
  • Greater access to funding / investors
  • Success


Analyse your business to identify opportunities to improve efficiencies, control costs, diversify product/service offerings


Review your traditional market and develop strategies to increase market share, widen the customer pool or expand geographically

Vertical / Horizontal

Make the most of opportunities to merge with or takeover suppliers, customers or competitors


Ensure that you have documented strategic and operational plans that can reassure stakeholders of your business stability and borrowing capacity

Plan ahead and take control of your business

Be prepared to React and Respond


An unforeseen event or critical issue that is beyond your control, or perhaps as a result of inadequate risk management, can be incredibly stressful. Reacting in a structured, timely manner can greatly minimise the damage to your business.

If you are experiencing a crisis or unforeseen event, we can step in and help you to minimise the damage, liaise with external parties, access funding and implement immediate controls. The quicker this is done, the better the results.

Alternatively, we can help you prepare in advance for a future crisis by:

  • Identifying the risks to your business
  • Documenting the risk mitigation activities that will be implemented to decrease the risk
  • Clearly outlining the steps that would be taken in the event of a risk materialising

This allows you to react to the situation by undertaking immediate tasks, such as implementing temporary procedures, engaging pre-determined third parties, accessing pre-approved finance, making insurance claims, operating off-premises, recovering data, using alternate suppliers.

The process is tailored to the business size and complexity and does not need to be an ‘over the top’ time consuming exercise.


Your response to an undesirable business event should be managed by creating a Short Term Strategy. Those businesses that have already developed a Strategic Plan, and underlying Operational Plan, will be in a much better position to respond to unforeseen events or critical issues.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to create a Short Term Strategy, we can assist with assessment and advice on the options, including implementation and ongoing support.

Many businesses find that being forced to consider an alternate Short Term Strategy can lead to brainstorming ideas that are adopted on a longer term basis, thereby finding the silver lining in the crisis. 

Ensure your business is Stable and Sustainable


I find most businesses, who are not facing an immediate crisis, are somewhere in this category. The directors that I engage with are generally very positive and enthusiastic about their business, have many ideas on how they want to take the business forward, but have not taken the steps to document, plan and control this process.

To improve the stability of your business you first need to understand where the business is at now. 

A business assessment will help you to identify efficiencies & inefficiencies in internal processes, outline cost saving opportunities, review profitability, calculate product margins, clarify HR assets & liabilities and analyse your cash flow position, customer profiles and target markets.

Understanding the elements that make up your business, and identifying those areas that can be improved, provides invaluable information to directors that would like to streamline operations and improve profits, leading to a more stable business environment. The process will also provide the information necessary to undertake the planning project as outlined in Sustainability.


This is so true – you know where you want to take your business, or it may simply be that you just hope you can keep doing what you are doing, but you are not following a plan that is going to get you there.
‘Hope’ is not a Strategy

Once you have undertaken a business assessment, as outlined in Stabilty, the next step is to develop the plan on how to improve your business and ensure it is sustainable.

Documents are developed in line with business size and can include:

  • Strategic Plan – an overview of your company goals and the major milestones and timelines
  • Operational Plan – the supporting detailed plan for each of your Strategic Goals
  • Cash Flow Forecast – monthly/weekly cash flow tool that allows you to understand your cash position now and into the immediate future
  • P&L Budgets/Forecasts – a plan as to how you are going to reach your profit margin goals
  • Risk Management & Mitigation Strategy – taking control of the events that can impact your business before they even occur

I always ensure that my clients are left with both the tools and skills necessary to undertake ongoing regular reviews so that the business remains stable and the directors are in complete control.

Gear up for Growth


You have worked hard to ensure you have a Stable and Sustainable business. It is cash flow positive, returning a profit and ready to take the next step.

Now is the time to assess how to utilise the excess capital to achieve the greatest return.

Do you:

  • Increase existing market share
  • Widen the customer pool
  • Expand geographically
  • Diversify your product lines
  • Buy out a customer, competitor or supplier
  • Invest in commercial property (perhaps the business premises)
  • Other options as relevant to your business & industry

Be ready to take advantage of opportunities by understanding your long term goals, including your exit strategy, discussing funding options with your lenders and ensuring that you can manage the growth and associated risks.

Planning & Forecasting will ensure that your business is:

  • Spending minimal time reacting & responding to crisis / unforeseen events
  • Stable – cash flow positive and managed effectively
  • Sustainable – staying ahead of competitors
  • Identifying & controlling risk
  • Prepared to take advantage of growth opportunities
  • Giving you the freedom to enjoy your successes

How we can help

Strategic Planning
& Operational Review

This option is suitable for businesses that would benefit from an in-depth review of business operations and the facilitation of a strategic planning workshop.


  • Business review including
    • Financials
    • Products / Services
    • HR
    • Processes / Procedures
  • Cash flow forecast
  • P&L forecast
  • Industry & market analysis
  • Risk assessment
  • Insolvency impact assessment
  • Strategic Plan
  • Operational Plan (outline and templates)
The document produced provides the basis for measuring against planned targets and operational milestones at regular board/management meetings.


$4,000 - $15,000 depending on business size and complexity

High Level or
Project Specific Review

This option is suitable for businesses that may have specific opportunities requiring analysis, need assistance with once off funding, a risk assessment or any other reduced scope activity.


  • High level business review
  • High level Strategic Plan
  • Cash flow forecast
  • P&L forecast
  • Agreed as per scope requirements
The document produced will meet the requirements of the scope to be used either internally for management reference purposes or for external stakeholder review.


$2,000 - $5,000 depending on business size and complexity

Proven track record

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