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A defined set of processes that your business follows to ensure that, as often as possible, payment is received in full and on time for the goods & services that you supply Do you supply goods and services to your clients and get paid later (even at the time of delivery)? If so, then you are defined under the law as a Credit Provider, just like a bank….and you are entitled to the same rights when it comes to recovering your goods or getting your money. Components of a good Credit Management Policy Terms & Conditions of Trade Document Personal Property & Securities Registrations Overdue Debt Management Credit Reporting We are offering free general information webinars to interested business owners who would like to find out how a comprehensive Credit Management Policy can benefit their business. We will discuss each of the components listed above and provide: 1. A definition of each point with a clear explanation as to exactly what each entails 2. The rights that you are entitled to claim and how that helps your cash flow 3. What happens if you don’t have this in place 4. Case Studies relating to your industry 5. How you can get covered in your business If you would like to find out how to implement an effective Credit Management Policy and how to take advantage of the rights that you have as a business owner supplying goods & services on credit, just register for one of the FREE webinars below by following the link.
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