Business Analysis   Are you  doing well and looking to grow ?   Have you successfully managed your business  through the current economic crisis and are looking  to take advantage of your business position     Have you identified opportunities ?   Are there opportunities for your business that you  could be acting on but need to manage the risks     Is it time to document your direction ?   Do you have your business plan in your head but  would benefit from outlining it in a structured format     Will improved   efficiencies improve profits ?   Have your processes been developed out of necessity  and in need of streamlining     Do you need to control your growth ?   Opportunities to expand are exciting but must be  done in a planned and controlled manner to  maximise returns and minimise risk     When do you seek help and what help is  available?   Are you aware of how external assistance may add  value to your b us iness   and  ho w to find a   qualified ,   experienced   and insured professional     Why Plan & Forecast?      Strategic planning clarifies and reinforces direction      P&L forecasting provides monthly targets      Cash flow forecasting identifies upcoming shortfalls      Professional  documentation opens funding doors      Risk assessments lead to mitigation & stability      Planning allows for informed decision making      Opportunities often require immediate action      Director and management confidence improves culture      High quality staff want to  work for stable companies      Improved brand will bring opportunity to you Access Funding       Ensure that you have  documented strategic  and operational plans  that can  reassure  stakeholders of your  business stability and  borrowing capacity Vertical /  Horizontal  Integration     Make the most of  opportunities to  merge with or  takeover suppliers,  customers or  competitors Organic Growth       Review   your  traditional market and  develop strategies to  increase   market   share,  widen   t he   customer pool or  expand  geographically Improve Profits     Analyse   your  business to identify  opportunities to  improve efficiencies,  control costs,  diversify  product/service  offerings Make  I nformed  D ecisions     Undertaking a structured planning process leads to the  development of:        Strategic direction      Capital expenditure  budgets      Resourcing requirements      Cash flow management      Profitabili ty forecasting      Stakeholder confidence      Greater access to funding / investors      Success Planning For  Stability & Growth home contact