Natalie Mitchell   Mob:   0412 115 602   Email: High Level or Project  Specific Review     This  option is suitable for businesses that  may have  specific opportunities requiring analysis, need  assistance with once off funding, a risk assessme nt or  any other reduced scope activity     Deliverables        High level business review      High level Strategic Plan      Cash   flow forecast      P&L forecast      Agreed as per scope requirements     T he document produced will  meet the requirements  of the scope to be used  either internally for  management reference purposes or for external  stakeholder review .       Cost   $ 2 ,000  -   $ 5 ,000   depending on business size and  complexity   F ULLY QUALIFIED AND INSURED Strategic Planning &  Operational Review     This  option is suitable for businesses that  would benefit  from an in - depth review of business operations and the  facilitation of a strategic planning workshop     Deliverables        Business review including   o   Financials   o   Products / Services   o   HR   o   Processes / Procedures      Cash   flow forecast      P&L forecast      Industry & market analysis       Risk assessment      Strategic Plan      Operational Plan (outline and templates)   The document produced  provides   the basis   for  measuring against planned targets and operational  milestones at regular board/management meetings .     Cost     $ 4 ,000  -   $1 5 ,000   depending on business size and  complexity   FULLY QUALIFIED AND INSURED P lanning & Forecasting will ensure that your business is:      s pending  minimal  time reacting  & responding to crisis  /  un foreseen events      stable and  sustainable      identifying  & controlling risk      prepared to take advantage o f growth opportunities      Be ready to take  advantage of  opportunities      Manage   your  business  growth   & risks Be prepared to   React & Respon d       Ensure your  business is Stable  & Sus tainabl e       Gear up   for  Growth PLAN  AHEAD  &  TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR BUSINESS home contact