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Terms of Trade including the Personal Property Securities Act 2009
Do you understand the significance of this new legislation and what it means to your business? It is now part of the law that you MUST register a security interest against your debtors for goods or services supplied on credit if you want to be a Secured Creditor and protect your Cash Flow. If you have not had your Terms & Conditions of Trade document reviewed in the last two years chances are you are missing the required clauses to ensure you are a Secured Creditor. The probationary period expired 30th January 2014!! Take two minutes to run through the questions below and then call us if you would like to arrange a FREE review of your current Terms & Conditions of Trade document or REGISTER for a FREE WEBINAR at the bottom of this page.
Have you answered NO to most of the above?
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12 Point Credit Management
Health Check
Do all of your clients pay on time?
Do you enjoy chasing overdue accounts?
Do you have legally binding Terms & Conditions of Trade in place?
Do all of your clients sign your Terms & Conditions of Trade?
Are you able to do credit checks on your clients?
Can you charge costs of collections, interest and admin fees on to your
client if they do not pay?
Do your Terms & Conditions allow you to charge legal costs on to your debtor?
Do you have the right to default, giving your debtor an adverse credit rating
without going to court?
Are you completely up to date with all relevant legislation allowing you to
operate as a ‘best practise business?
Are you aware of the Personal Property Security Act (PPSA), and do you 
understand it?
Do you currently enjoy the level of protection that being a secured creditor
on the Personal Property Security Register (PPSR) allows?
Can your business afford to be treated as an interest free bank?