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Manage your customer accounting
Summarised and Detailed  Customer Lists Account Balance Report for  current and past periods (Customer Ageing) with 3  presentation formats Unpaid Invoices (only) Report Inactive Customer Accounts Customers On Hold Payment Lists Customer Sales by account,  gross sales & profit (best to  worst listing) Customer Back Orders by  customer, product, stock  group, contact & movement Customer Purchase History by  customer & types of products  purchased Customer Purchase History by  products & customers who  purchased them Customer Orders Pending  Customer Picking Lists Foreign Exchange Gain/Loss Customer Special Pricing  (discounts) specified Customer Purchase History by  product groups & customers  who have purchased from  those groups Retention Payments Report Bank Deposit List (from linked  cashbook) Tax incurred for all or by  specific Customer
Customers Customer accounting can support an unlimited number of customer accounts & can maintain an unlimited transaction history on each. There are no ‘end period  processes’ so there is no extra work at the end of each month. Users can work in  an unlimited number of periods simultaneously if allowed, and transactions may be  entered and edited for any day of the month or year and back or forward dated as required,  subject to the security restrictions assigned to  each user. Contact Details Records data such as phone, fax, mobile, e-mail, and web site info. And each  customer may link to an unlimited number of related contact records, such as  purchasing department, accounts department, sales, managing director and so on. Notes, documents and images may be associated with each record. Customise the Presentation The Screen Builder visual design tool lets you customise the record to suite your  exact needs. Remove the information you don’t want & add your own, including  lists and images.
Efficient Access  Quick, efficient on-screen inquiry,  allowing professional and timely  customer service.         Unlimited History Information for all customers is  kept on file for as long as desired.  Easily reprint invoices, statements  etc., whenever required. Print, fax  or email documents with a click of  your mouse.       Multiple Delivery Addresses Unlimited delivery addresses per  customer & optional access to  delivery details from other  customers.           Multi-Currency Handle an unlimited number of  foreign currency types and  accounts.           Multi-Departments Accounts can be assigned to  departments (income & cost  centres) for separation into  divisions/branches. Accounts may  be ‘locked’ to particular  departments or may cross  departments depending on  transaction type.           Account Grouping Group customer accounts by  category, i.e., industry type, as  well as by department/business  unit.        
Reminders Reminder messages and special  alerts can pop-up when accounts  are accessed. Cash Book Link Record cheque details, bank  account & branch info relating to  each payment. Keep bank, branch,  and drawer name on file for pre- filling during transaction entry.         Flexible Editing Edit the details of paid  transactions, security permitting,  without having to remove credit  note or payment allocations-- provided the transaction value is  not altered. Convenient when you  need to alter an order number,  correct a miscoded stock item or  add a comment on a transaction. ‘Open Item’ Accounts Payments can be automatically  allocated by the computer or  manually by the operator. Payment/Invoice Cross-reference Each invoice keeps track of the  cheque or cheques that paid it.  Each payment keeps track of the  invoice or invoices paid. Receipt Printing Receipts can be printed in batches  or during payment entry. The lay- out of the receipt can also be  customized
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