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Business Systems Audit
A Business Systems Audit or Business Process Review is an important management process and should be an ongoing project in any business. Our internal audit services can help to ensure that your current procedures are satisfactory and assist you to improve them if they are not. The Business Systems Audit process involves every aspect of your business and leads to Capital Office Business Solutions gaining an in depth understanding your operations. So what’s involved? We start by spending time on site at your business premises with senior staff and ask you to explain your business. We need to understand where your business is at, where you want it to go and the major issues that you are currently facing both internally and externally. We will spend time with staff at all levels as appropriate to the depth of review that we are undertaking. This will involve you providing a general overview and then lead to an in depth review of current processes that may include the following areas: Business Goals We review the business goals that you have set out for your business. Don’t have any!! Don’t worry, we can help you come up with realistic goals and the associated achievable timeframes. Project Plans We can assist you with outlining broad or detailed plans on how to implement any business changes or achieve business goals. Resource Management Your business can make huge savings if your resources are allocated and used efficiently. This encompasses both human resources and other business assets such as machinery or intellectual property. Debtor Management Managing your debtors and your cash flow. We will look at your current system and how it helps you to ensure that you are paid on time everytime. If there are areas where we can improve your current ‘days to pay’ figures, for example, then we will. Some areas that we can help with are streamlined software, review and rewrite your current Terms of Trade documents, introduce easy to use Debt Collection services. Creditor Management Do you effectively take advantage of Early Payment opportunities with your suppliers? Have you negotiated the best arrangement for you dealings with your suppliers? Do you still write cheques or have you already implemented an effective automated electronic payments solution? Purchasing A review of your stock / raw materials purchasing processes including the use of purchase orders, re-ordering rules & stock delivery. Your business may have already implemented some procedures in this area but we will review them with you to try to identify any areas where cost / time savings can be made. Stock Warehousing / Storage Do you store your stock / raw materials in a shop, warehouse, van or some other location? We will discuss and physically visit all of your stock locations on the Mid North Coast to ensure that your methods are efficient. We have experience in managing stock for spare parts carried around in trade vans and stored in large multi-location warehouses where bin location, cold storage and use by dates are serious considerations. If you just need to know which technician has what parts or need to run sales promotions for stock that needs to be sold based on complex criteria, we have a solution for you. Sales Sales - everything from generating sales online / instore to processing sales orders / invoices Product Dispatch Once a customer makes an order, how do you get the right stock to them on time? We will go through your process and make suggestions as to how you may improve you delivery times and accuracy. Everything from printing picklists to utilising sophisticated hand held scanning devices with full barcode integration. Accounting / Bookkeeping All aspects of your accounting & bookkeeping requirements. Do your existing staff need some training? Do you need someone to review your BAS information before lodgement each quarter? We can review your individual situation and offer to help you with improving your inhouse bookkeeping or take control of it for you externally. This will include all bank reconciliations and month / year end procedures. We are so confident of the quality of our services that we are prepared to offer you a free overview of your current processes. We will meet with your for an hour at your offices and review your current internal systems at a high level. After this meeting we will produce a document that broadly outlines our findings on the areas that you are currently doing well and where improvements can be made. We will clearly explain how Capital Office Business Solutions can assist you. We will provide you with a comprehensive outline of the cost to your business should you then choose to engage our services to improve your business performance. Please note that there is absolutely no obligation and you will be provided with your document of our findings before we discuss any future business dealings with you.
Business Systems Audit Overview
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